Washington Elementary Chess Champions (WECC) was incorporated in 2002 in the State of Washington as a nonprofit corporation.  In February 2003 we were recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3).  On November 7, 2007, after the 5 year review period, we received our Letter of Determination from the IRS.

As stated in our Articles of Incorporation, the objectives of WECC are:

  • To promote the education of children in home, school, community, and place of worship, via teaching and promoting analytical thinking skills obtained by learning and playing chess.
  • To promote a desire in children, “to learn to play chess well”, by providing opportunities to participate in chess tournaments.
  • To bring opportunities to children to learn chess in their local schools by supporting the creation of Kindergarten through 6th grade chess clubs, and providing aid to volunteers to help them create or expand chess clubs at their local schools.
  • To receive gifts, endowments, devises, and bequests which will be used to carry out the purposes and objectives of this corporation.
  • To carry on any activities necessary to carry out the objects and purposes of this corporation.

Starting in with 2003, WECC has hosted the Washington State Elementary Chees Championship a total of four times.  Proceeds  derived from these tournaments provide the bulk of the funding needed to run our charitable objectives stated above.