Volunteers Needed

As we transition back into live tournaments, WECC is looking for additional members. The board is looking for both at-large members as well as one replacement for an officer that recently left the board. Bringing live tournaments to the Tri-cities requires volunteers of all sorts. No previous experience is required, so please contact the board at weccboard@chesschampions.org if you are interested.

2022-23 Season

It looks like we have finally made enough progress in our battle with COVID-19 that we can resume in-person chess tournaments. At the moment we are looking at a slate of five tournaments for the year. The details on the tournaments are still being finalized, but we have a tentative schedule for the 2022-2023 season. As this will be the first live tournaments since 2019, we hope that everyone will be patient with all the volunteers organizing these events. We are all relearning how to do this.