2021-22 Season

The WECC board was truly looking forward to a season of over the board tournaments. Unfortunately, with the Delta variant of the virus active in the region, we have decided to start the season with online tournaments. Once the tournaments are posted on ChessKid.com, we will announce that on this website.

Survey Results

A couple of months ago, we sent out a survey to the parents of students that played in tournaments last year. We were trying to determine the level of interest in playing face-to-face and virtual tournaments this year. We received 55 responses. Here is the result for the primary question:

The results show that 80% of the respondents are likely or very likely to participate in a virtual tournament, while 62% are likely or very likely to participate in an in-person tournament. Based on these results, as well as the current availability of facilities, the board is exploring ways to start the season with virtual tournaments.